Mission Statement

Promoting fitness, health and wellness by providing greater access to learning for those wishing to start their career in the fitness industry.

Why cAmpus

cAmpus was born out of the disconnect between those wanting to start a career in fitness and health club recruitment.

Traditionally, learners have enrolled on a course with a training provider, then, upon graduation, are faced with finding employment in the fitness industry on their own. Those courses can have several barriers to entry, from financial constraints to the time required to study.

For health clubs, the struggle to find qualified personnel that are trained to a suitable level is an ongoing issue. A common complaint from managers is that new recruits need to undergo considerable, additional training to make them employable within their clubs.

cAmpus connects learners to health clubs by offering free access to its courses and then linking them to a club for the final training and assessment. As well as reducing the financial barriers for students, it also gives health clubs a unique opportunity to train and recruit prospective staff – a win-win for everyone.

Through the cAmpus Learning Management System (LMS), learners can:

  • Study anywhere, anytime
  • Manage all aspects of the learning process, from enrolment through to certification
  • Search for jobs local to them based on their current qualifications and those being studied
  • Book Training & Assessment Days
  • View results
  • Request & view certificates
  • Complete online theory assessments
  • Download & listen to podcasts
  • Access the exercise library

Health clubs can:

  • Set their training & assessment schedule
  • Select distance, in-person or virtual Training & Assessment Packages for over 30 fitness courses
  • Include their own training materials in cAmpus courses
  • Market Training & Assessment Packages to learners
  • Post job vacancies to learners

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in becoming a Training & Assessment Centre. Or get started on any of our fitness courses for free.

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